Let’s Go Bucs: What We’re Looking Forward to this NFL Season

Tampa has seen a rough couple of weeks. After Hurricane Irma coming in and devastating homes and businesses up the coast, our roof repair company that services Tampa, Sarasota, and the following areas saw a lot of unfortunate damage. While we’re still obviously doing our best as a company to help those whose homes were affected, we can’t be sadder that the storm happened in the first place. But, while we’re still dealing with this travesty, we’re hoping that another doesn’t happen. And by travesty, we mean the Bucs letting us down. As the Buccaneers approach what could only be described as the biggest and most important game of the regular season, we thought we’d go over some of the things BMCI Contracting is looking forward to.

Taking Brady Down

May we just remind the world that unless you’re a Pats fan, Brady is the enemy who needs to be destroyed. Besides the fact that this superhuman has been in the NFL for a solid 15 seasons, Brady and the Pats aren’t invincible. Let us remind you that Bill Belichick has yet to win a game against the Bucs on our own soil. That being said, we’re more than ready to see Brady’s solemn face as the Bucs jump and run and score! Brady, Gronk, Belichick, and the rest, we’re not going down without a fight! History tends to speak for itself and we can expect to see the streets of Tampa lighting up after a big win.

DeSean Jackson Gets it Together

Dear Mr. Jackson, we didn’t sign you on for fun and games. We know you have it in you to prove yourself as a Buccaneer that we can soon know and love. While the game against the Giants may have been a tad bit frustrating despite our final win, we can hope that Jackson gets it together and shows us that he is truly the elite wide receiver that we’ve been anticipating. With the Patriots vs Bucs game creeping up on us, our roof repair company is more than excited to see Jackson shine like the star we know he is.

We Beat the Panthers

Right after we make Bill Belichick and his team of New Englanders cry a bit, it’s time to take down the Panthers (aka kittens!) up in Carolina. With DeSean Jackson signed on as our wide receiver and Doug Martin, aka the Muscle Hamster, bringing it back as our running back after a bout of absence due to a suspension, we’re more than ready to see a win against the Panthers.

A Great Season

While we’re no Browns or Dolphins, the Bucs haven’t seen their best selves the past few seasons, but that’s not to say they’re not going to bring it back in the 2017 season. Tampa has seen a rough few months, but we can count on our team to bring Tampa back to its glorious self.

Go Bucs! And of course, if you have any roof maintenance or repair needs in the Tampa Area, don’t hesitate to call BMCI Contracting today!