Some of Our Favorite Styles of Roofing


Hey there, and welcome back to the BMCI Contracting blog! Last week, we started out the blog strong by chatting a little bit about our roofing company and why we know that we’re the best to call for your roofing services, big and small! If you’ve done your fair share of traveling within the United States or abroad, you’ve probably realized that the styles and architectures across the world vary quite greatly. From the grey roofs atop the New England-esque homes sitting up and down the Massachusetts coastline to the red, Spanish style homes all throughout the South and Southwest, the styles of roofing can top a home’s style off… quite literally!

Today, we’re going to talk about some of our favorite roofing styles and why we think they’re so fantastic. Our commercial and residential roofing company has worked with over 20,000 clients to help them achieve the roofs of their dreams and we’ve seen and installed our fair share of roofs. Here are some of our favorite styles!

Gable Roof

Arguably the most common roofing style, the gable roof sits atop homes across the United States and is recognizable for its triangular shapes. Gable roofs aren’t complex to design and structure due to their universal and widespread usage; and we’ve done plenty of these roofs! Their common usage also makes them much less expensive to construct compared to more complex roofing designs, but this doesn’t make them any less beautiful!

Gambrel Roof

When you envision a barn or farmhouse, the style of roof that likely comes to mind is the gambrel roof. A gambrel roof is characterized by its four slopes, each with varying steepness. Another way to imagine it is as a polygon that was split horizontally and placed atop a home.

Flat Roof

Perhaps a flat roof speaks for itself, so we don’t have to go too in depth about it’s shape. But, a flat roof is basically a roof that sits almost exactly flat atop a home. These roofs are often seen in city buildings and are great for rooftop summer gatherings as well as gardens.

Hip Roof

A hip roof is similar to a gable roof in that they both resemble triangles. However, a hip roof is characterized by the slopes on all four sides that meet at the top. These roofs are also incredibly simple to construct, but nonetheless stunning when designed in the right way. BMCI Contracting is familiar with both gable roofs and hip roofs and can help you decide between the two if you need some advice!

Shed Roof

A shed roof is characterized by one, single slope that sits atop a home. This style, while isn’t quite as popular as the styles mentioned above, is worth taking note of because of its modernesque style that’s being seen on newer homes in the United States!

We hope you enjoyed today’s post and that you feel super informed about all of the different styles of roofes you could choose for your home. All of these roofing styles have pros and cons, so if you’re struggling on which to choose for your new roofing installation, BMCI Contracting can be sure to help you out. Call today!