Need roof work done? Don’t go with an amateur

The roof is one of the most important structures of your home. Without it, well, you’d be exposed to the elements and your home wouldn’t be livable. That being said, you should always make your roof a priority and you should never skimp on repairs or installations. A quality roof means safety, efficiency, and of course, aesthetic. Far too often, homeowners will take the cheaper route when it comes to roof installations and maintenance so that they can save money. While this seems like a promising route, it could leave you with issues both in the immediate future and down the road.

BMCI Contracting always recommends that you choose professionals for something as crucial and complicated as a roof. Here’s why:

Roofing isn’t an easy job

There’s nothing simple about roofing. During a project, professional roofers need to take precise measurements, lay down insulation and felt, install a drainage system, and then lay down the shingles. After all of that, they’ll apply a protective sealant to protect the home from rain and snow. Experience is necessary to make sure that all of these components are planned and installed properly. An amateur really has no way of understanding the fundamental parts of roofing that are necessary for a completed project that is structurally sound and attractive.

Professional roofers are insured and safety trained

If somebody is going to be working on top of a home that’s pretty high off the ground, they need to be insured. If you decide on somebody who is not insured by a roofing company, then you could find yourself in trouble if they fall and hurt themselves. With a professional, licensed company, like BMCI Contracting, you won’t have to worry about being liable in the event of an accident.

Additionally, most professional roofers and trained in safety. They know to properly secure themselves on a roof and how to prevent accidents. When you’re on top of a roof, you need to be educated in safety standards and adhere to them at all times. An amateur may not have the knowledge needed to prevent accidents; if one happens, you’re liable.  

A cheap project in the short run equates to a higher risk of repairs

The discounted price is what entices people to choose an amateur over a professional. However, while the initial price is much lower, the cost of repairs down the road due to a poor initial installation is eventually going to outweigh the cost of a professional roof installation. Avoid the headache of expensive and inconvenient repairs by choosing a professional over an amateur. A roof is too big of an investment to skimp on.

A quality job is going to last longer than a shoddy one

In response to the last bit, a quality roofing job is going to last for years. You won’t have to worry about frequent repairs and the overall structure won’t need to replaced as soon.

BMCI Contacting employs a team of licensed roofers who have the training and skill to complete almost any project. If you’re in need of service, contact us today!