Have a company? Take care of the roof!

Unless you’re running an eCommerce site with no employees from the comfort of your own home, you probably own some sort of building where your business functions. Whether it’s a brick-and-mortar establishment that welcomes in customers or an office building where employees handle day-to-day tasks, you’re going to want to make sure that the building is safe. And, without a functioning roof, safety isn’t guaranteed. If you own a business, regardless of how the business is run, you need a safe roof.

Additionally, a quality and well-manufactured roof could help your business in ways that surpass safety. Here’s how:

Lower costs

Yes, a roof can actually help manage the cost of monthly utilities. The roof acts a layer of insulation, meaning that if it’s up to standard and doesn’t have much wear and tear, it’s going to prevent heat and air from escaping. That being said, you’re not going to have to run the HVAC as continuously because the air is going to be locked in the building. If you own a business, you can’t risk making your employees or customers uncomfortable with too hot or cold indoor temperatures, so the cost of HVAC tends to add up. A well-maintained roof over your business can help cut costs, especially over time.

Much safer

You’d be surprised at how dangerous an unkept roof can be. First, you have the risk of it caving in, which can be very detrimental. Second, and more commonly experienced, you have the danger of water leaking in. Water can damage the foundation of the building, lead to mold growth, and attract pests. Do any of these things seem like they’d be fun to deal with? Probably not. These are very real threats, though, if you have a faulty roof. Our solution? Make sure that it’s safe!

Less susceptible to damage

If you’re a resident of Florida, then you’re well aware of how damaging winds can be during hurricane season. We recommend that all homes and businesses have their buildings mitigated to protect against the winds. If the roof of your business is damaged, then you can’t resume functioning until it’s fixed. Unfortunately, that means a hold on profits which is far from good news, especially if you’re smaller. BMCI Contracting offers wind mitigation roofing services for homes and businesses that protect your roof from wind damage during a major storm, like a hurricane.

Appearance matters for brick-and-mortar businesses. People aren’t going to be inclined to go into a business that looks run down and grungy. The roof plays a huge role, and a dingy one is the opposite of inviting. Scheduling regular roof maintenance and replacing your roof every 12 to 15 years will make it look sharp. Trust us, people will be much more inclined to come into a building that appears fresh and well kept.

If you’re a Tampa business owner who needs a commercial roofer who is experienced in maintaining and installing roofs, call BMCI Contracting today. We’re excited to help your business flourish.