1. A Guide to Buying a New Roof: Part 2

    Synthetic roofing is one of the newest and biggest terms in green building. It’s one of the more interesting forms of roofing since these materials are more expensive options, but require a less complex installation process. Fascination in synthetic products, especially those that look natural, wh…Read More

  2. A Guide to Buying a New Roof: Part 1

    Roofing is generally something people know nothing about. That does not negate the fact that you’ll need to learn something about it to make decisions on what kind of material you would like to roof your home or commercial business with. You’ll want something strong, durable, and that’s going …Read More

  3. Take Care of Your Company’s Roof!

    Have a company? Take care of the roof! Unless you’re running an eCommerce site with no employees from the comfort of your own home, you probably own some sort of building where your business functions. Whether it’s a brick-and-mortar establishment that welcomes in customers or an office building…Read More

  4. Why You Should Always Hire a Professional

    Need roof work done? Don’t go with an amateur The roof is one of the most important structures of your home. Without it, well, you’d be exposed to the elements and your home wouldn’t be livable. That being said, you should always make your roof a priority and you should never skimp on repairs …Read More

  5. Assessing Roof Damage

    How to assess roof damage It’s been a few weeks since Hurricane Irma swept the coast of Florida, shaking us up in the process. As a residential roofing contractor here in Clearwater, Tampa, and Sarasota, we’ve been on the move to restore the homes of the area back to their former selves. Unlike …Read More

  6. Let’s Go Bucs!

    Let’s Go Bucs: What We’re Looking Forward to this NFL Season Tampa has seen a rough couple of weeks. After Hurricane Irma coming in and devastating homes and businesses up the coast, our roof repair company that services Tampa, Sarasota, and the following areas saw a lot of unfortunate damage. W…Read More

  7. Preparing for a Hurricane

    Follow these tips to protect your home during a hurricane or strong storm The Atlantic hurricane season isn’t known for weakness, and once the season begins, there’s no telling what strong storms are going to sweep the coast. In Tampa, we’ve seen our fair share of high winds, flooding, and des…Read More

  8. Different Styles of Roofing

    Some of Our Favorite Styles of Roofing   Hey there, and welcome back to the BMCI Contracting blog! Last week, we started out the blog strong by chatting a little bit about our roofing company and why we know that we’re the best to call for your roofing services, big and small! If you’ve done yo…Read More

  9. A Little Bit about Our Roofing Company

    Why BMCI is the Best in Tampa Hey, everyone, thanks for stopping by! As you can see, this is our very first of many blog posts! As your favorite roof repair company in the Tampa, Florida area, we’re happy to start today off by talking a little bit more about ourselves. BMCI Contracting is a roofin…Read More